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Inobulbum munificum
Can you give me any care information on growing the unusual orchid, Inobulbum munificum? Does it have any special needs? — Fred Hammet



Inobulbum munificum1 is related to dendrobiums and can be grown similarly to the tropical members of that genus, or as for cattleyas, with strong light and intermediate (80º F days, 60º F nights) temperatures. Allow it to dry out slightly between waterings. As with many bulbous, seasonally active dendrobiums, this species will do best if allowed a drier resting period with little or no nitrogen after the pseubobulbs are mature. Inobulbon must rate as one of the most bizarrely hairy of all orchids.— Ned Nash

1) Accepted as Dendrobium munificum by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families.

Inobulbum munificum. photo © 2003 Greg Allikas

Orchid Q&A

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