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Why can't I flower my Dendrobium farmeri? I bought a beautiful Dendrobium cuthbertsonii at a show in California and brought it back to Georgia. It promptly died. Why? A friend gave me a flowering Dendrobium as a thank you gift. I repotted it and it is slowly wasting away. HELP!!

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c l i c k b u t t o n

2014 Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden

Text and photos © 2014 Charles Marden Fitch

Pillars of colorful Phalaenopsis hybrids reflect in the palm garden pool reflects to greet visitors entering the Conservatory.

Key West Contemporary is the theme of this years NY Botanical Garden Orchid show. Inside permanent tropical gardens of the Victorian-style Conservatory Francisca Coelho, NYBG VP of Glasshouses and Exhibitions, has recreated an award-winning Key West Garden packed with orchids.

Throughout the Conservatory orchids are arranged in garden beds with bromeliads, tropical aroids, and other showy flowering plants popular in Key West. Huge blue toned Bismarckia nobilis palms, a species from Madagascar, form bold accents and a support for orchids. Small tropical trees and other palm species are perfect places in the displays for epiphytic orchids, most hung still in pots hidden by clumps of Spanish Moss, the bromeliad Tillandsia usneoides.

Central to the design is a rendering of the Jones and Eaton Garden, originally designed by Landscape Architect Raymond Jones. A pool reflects orchids clustered on garden walls, tree trunks, trellises, and pergolas. Clumps of potted Oncidium and Phalaenopsis hybrids in bunches of fluffy Spanish moss hide some of the steel grids inside the main conservatory. Cymbidium hybrids are massed in beds throughout the show. Most of the orchids have labels showing correct...

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 Photo of the Week
Oncidopsis (Burrageara) Nelly Isler Oncidopsis Nelly Isler

Very fragrant - Lemons. Similar care to a Miltoniopsis, prefers cool temperatures that induce a better color, but can withstand higher temperatures as well. Bright light but away from direct noon sun.!

Photo and text ©Miss Orchid Girl

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