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Wednesday, May 27, 2015
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST

Orchid Nutrition: Taking the Mystery out of Feeding your Orchids

Join John Salventi as he talks about the different kinds of fertilizer and how to use them....or not as the case may be. Learn what orchids need to bloom and give you joy! John has presented Roots: Its all about the Roots on a prior webinar. So join in and find out what your orchids need!

Orchid Nutrition: Taking the Mystery out of Feeding your Orchids
Tuesday, May 27, 2015
8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST


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Kids' Corner

by Sandy Stubbings, AOS Education Committee

This series of articles was meant to be a resource giving affiliate clubs of the American Orchid Society ideas to create and run a table/area to interest children who attend Orchid Shows. Activities had been pioneered and evaluated by the Houston orchid Society at their show. As I attended shows in our area, I was gratified to see that several clubs had picked up on the ideas and had developed their own Kids’ Corner based on our activities. Cathy Rider of the Heart O’ Texas Orchid Society in Austin had created her interpretation of the Kids’ Corner. Sheila Pappas chaired the set up of the Kid’s activities for the Heart of Dixie Orchid show. This article will report on some of these other Kids’ Corners.

Both of these clubs had most of the activities described previously in this series of articles and improved on Houston’s ideas. Both were set up across from the entrance where people could not avoid seeing the Kids’ Tables. Both had tables set up just for kids to color comfortably. The coloring tables were out of the way of visitors touring the shows and shopping the vendors.

The show in Austin had found stickers of orchids and awarded each child who completed activities with mini ribbons, decorated with orchid stickers. (Insert image 0310 here) Cathy had also organized the coloring pages and materials into attractive plastic containers at the table.

The Baton Rouge Orchid Society added a new and very successful twist. They had a young girl (about 9 or 10) in charge of an educational display and the Kids Corner. We had brought the Kid’s Corner Houston uses and set it up. The young lady was there all day Saturday and Sunday. She had prepared a talk to explain her educational exhibit and set up the Kid’s Corner. She enthusiastically invited adults and children to hear her talk and to try all the children’s activities. We adults just stood there and marveled at how well she set it all up and ran the two exhibits. Kids seem to love to help run the activities and with a bit of explanation, some can do a great job!

Houston Orchid Society Children’s Corner Project Continues

Our Kid’s Corner consists of a table of activities and a hanging vinyl photo (4’ x 6’) of an orchid. The table holds sorting boxes, coloring pages and an orchid hunt for flowers in the show. The vinyl poster hung from a photographers frame and had the center cut out of one of the flowers for children’s (or adult’s) faces. Parents or friends would take photos of their children’s or friends faces in the flowers. We have taken our Photo panel to many orchid shows and it is always a big hit. We think as many adults as children take each other's...

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The AOS provides many benefits for our affiliated societies!

 Our newest additions are the presentations linked below that can be shown during AOS affiliated shows, but more importantly during the society meetings to inform and encourage new membership, and also to advise current members of the benefits of membership.

We encourage all of our AOS representatives to avail themselves of the many tools that can be found under the affiliated societies tab. Our page provides many helpful items, among them are: membership applications, speakers list, slide programs, and culture sheets.  Here are TEN reasons to join the AOS! This AOS Benefits sheet is available for download and makes a great handout for society meetings and shows.

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 Photo of the Week
Paph. Delrosi 'Nelly' AM/AOS Paphiopedilum Delrosi
'Nelly' AM/AOS, 80pts

(Paph. delenatii x Paph. rothschildianum)
Exhibitor: Catherine Frutiger
Pacific Northwest Monthly Judging, Richmond BC
August 09, 2014
Photo: Judith Higham
Award: 20142897

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