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 March 2016
Lady Slippers in the Garden
Orchids in Yunnan
Dendrobium epidendropsis
Tree Fern Baskets

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The 2016 Spring AOS Members’ Meeting
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From April 14–17, 2016 the main festival event take place at the North Carolina Arboretum. The location allows attendees to enjoy not only stunning orchid displays, but to also explore the arboretum’s 434-acre grounds and a lively cultural scene in downtown Asheville. A hand-picked lineup of vendors and lectures assure orchid aficionados this event will be one not to be missed!
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New AOS Awards Page Captures
the Brilliant Imagery of Orchids

Van. Azure 'Blue Eyes' AM/AOS, Exhib: Antonio Romani

For more than 90 years the AOS has documented the best-of-the-best of the world’s most popular flower through its premier judging system. Each awarded orchid is meticulously described, measured and photographed. The AOS is pleased to announce that these awards and the stunning photographs that accompany them—previously accessible by AOS members only—are now open to the public at large thanks to a newly designed awards page on the Society’s website.
“AOS awards are a recognized measure of quality the world over and coveted by hobbyists and commercial growers alike,” explained Frank Smith, president of the AOS. “As the orchid’s popularity has grown, demand for accurate information about the flower has increased. And nowhere is their more precise information than in the AOS’ vast award repository. People will love the award photographs, not only for their beauty but from what they can learn from them. This is a great way to advance their knowledge and appreciation of orchids.” Six things you will absolutely love about the new awards page...

  1. It’s free! Gaining access to orchid awards previously required a subscription to the AOS’ Orchids Plus award registry platform.
  2. You don’t have to be an AOS member. These breathtakingly beautiful photographs haven't been available to non-paying visitors until now.
  3. The page shows the 30 most recent orchid awards, including its name, parentage, description, award, score and photograph. This information can help make you a better orchid grower.
  4. Clicking on any photo in the page opens up a larger photo with a gallery feature, allowing you to click through all of the large photos for the latest awards.
  5. The page also includes a social sharing function to allow you to share the page with your friends via your favorite social media or bookmarking site, as well as by email.
  6. You can start exploring now – click here!

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 Photo of the Week


Paphiopedilum sangii
Uncommon species from Sulawesi.

Photo © Ignas
Paphiopedilum sangii

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Cymbidium Foliage

Some of my cymbidium leaves are turning black at their bases and now even some of the pseudobulbs are turning black as well. They have received morning sun throughout the winter, during which time they have also had some overhead cover. I live in Southern California. My plants are fertilized monthly over the cooler months. What is likely to be causing the blackness and what should I do to correct it?   — C. Duran

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fan palm